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“The Narrow Path” an insightful outlook of the Italian economic scenario


“The Narrow Path” an insightful outlook of the Italian economic scenario

In Italy, since the financial crisis, our duty as policy makers has been stabilizing a high public debt while bringing the economy out of sluggish or negative growth and “The Narrow Path” is an image of the difficulties we are facing and the goals we are achieving. The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance periodically updates a professional audience about the evolution of structural conditions affecting the economic activity in the country.


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The latest issues of “The Narrow Path”

In the last three years the Italian debt to GDP ratio stabilized slightly over 130%, ranking as the third highest in absolute terms worldwide after US and Japan. Thanks to the economic policy pursued, the debt has been mitigated by ensuring the provision of funds for the financing of all Government’s functions at a contained cost and with limited risks, irrespective of market contexts.

The Industry 4.0 plan Tax incentives for private sector investment that induced busi¬nesses to adopt new technologies and new, state-of-the-art manufacturing paradigms. Private sector investment is improving the competitiveness of Italy’s industrial base, as the age-old problem of poor productivity is being addressed.


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Italy’ 2018 Budget: Growth – Friendly and inclusive fiscal consolidation

With the 2018 Budget, in sum, Italy will stay on a credible fiscal consolidation path while at the same time aiming for higher competitiveness and productivity. The Budget pursues greater inclusion in terms of education, youth employment and poverty alleviation and continues to implement policies that have proven successful in supporting innovation, business growth and private investment.

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The Italian Government is actively taking up the FINTECH (i.e. financial technology) challenge, fostering dialogue with market operators and regulators, while promoting a comprehensive package to support investment and startups’ development.

Italy has the highest life expectancy in the EU and one of the highest among OECD countries. Performances of the health system are improving also thanks to a process of deep modernization.

Recent data confirm that the recovery is taking hold thank to the internal market and the external sector contribution.

In Italy, a radical change is under way in the relationship between taxpayers and the tax Administration. The essence of this change is a new and more cooperative approach throughout the process leading to tax compliance.


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