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Italian Startup Ecosystem


Italian Startup Ecosystem

The new Italian legislation on innovative startups is not only a regulatory framework but an organic and coherent industrial policy launching new instruments and measures to support the whole lifecycle of a company: since its incorporation to its growth, development and maturity stages.
The benefits garanteed to innovative startups and certified incubators are summed up in the chart below.

Benefit for startups and incubators


The executive summary of the legislation on innovative startups is available at this link.

The main sectors of innovative startups in Italy are: services to enterprises (softwares and IT consulting, R&D services, information services), industrial manufacture and energy (computers, electronics and opticals, machinery, electric equipment), commerce, construction, agriculture.

Lombardy is the region with the highest number of innovative startups, followed by Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Campania.
The major concentration of startups is in the provinces of Milan, Rome, Naples and Turin.


Key stats on Italian innovative startups as of dec 2018

 Source: Startup Registro Imprese


Please take a look at the following list of links concerning some of the measures in favor of the startup ecosystem in Italy and relevant data.

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