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Address of the Ambassador of Italy, Gianluigi Benedetti to present the promotional video of the nation branding campaign “Italy is simply extraordinary: #beIT”

Hello dear friends! I am Gianluigi Benedetti, Ambassador of Italy to Japan, and I am very excited to join the #beIT campaign.

In Japanese collective imagination, Italy is known and famous for art, culture, beautiful places, style, and the joy of living.

Through the years, our artistic, historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage has been fascinating generations of Japanese.

In Japan, Italian food, fashion and cars are synonymous of quality, elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship, masterfully blended with a mix of tradition and innovation. But Italy is much more.

With this campaign, we want to guide you into a journey to discover Italy, beyond what is traditionally associated with it.

With “Italy is simply extraordinary: #beIT” we will show you many of our hidden gems and tell you stories and facts that highlight Italy’s not well-known excellences in many sectors, where innovation meets tradition and creativity goes hand in hand with quality.

We are thrilled to continue promoting the Made in Italy in Japan in the coming months and to show you why “Italy is simply extraordinary”. So stay tuned and follow the #beIT campaign!