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Address by the Ambassador of Italy, Gianluigi Benedetti on the occasion of the “Pink Party” launching Prosecco Rose in Japan (Tokyo, October 24, 2022)

Dear friends, dear all, It is a pleasure to kick off this “Pink Party” as the organizers – Consorzio del Prosecco DOC and Gambero Rosso, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) – called it!


It is very good to enjoy the Shibuya night at this glamorous lounge club, even though I must complain at least for one second: Erica, you have brought the Italian Ambassador to a place named “Ce La Vi” for an event promoting the Italian Prosecco! Just kidding.


On my way here, I was thinking about a possible remedy to this and I have thought that, after a couple of glasses of our Prosecco DOC, I will go and talk to the owner of this bar and officially ask him to change the name into an Italian name, like Bella Vita or something else!


Anyway, I do not want to take much time for speeches, since tonight is about celebrating one of the most representative product of the Made in Italy, as well as welcoming Gambero Rosso back to Japan after a two-year break due to the pandemic.


This is also the occasion to say proudly that, over the last years, our producers and our brands did a great job in the Japanese market and globally, supported in this huge effort particularly by the Embassy, the ITA Office and the Chamber of Commerce.


Thanks to the higher quality of our products, increasingly appreciated everywhere, thanks to the Italian creativity in inventing new cocktails and launching them into the world of the so-called “Mixology”, Italy ranks today as the first global exporter in the wine and spirits market.


I want to conclude by calling up everyone to drink responsibly: this also means to always choose, enjoy and taste the Italian wine and spirits, which are the best in the world!


Let us raise our glasses of Prosecco DOC and enjoy the night here at Bella Vita!


Campai, Salute!