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Intervento dell’Ambasciatore d’Italia, Gianluigi Benedetti, per l’evento organizzato in onore di Ducati Corse in occasione del Gran Premio di Moto GP di Motegi (Tokyo, 21 settembre 2022)

Caro Ing. Paolo CIABATTI, Ducati Corse Sporting Director, Dear Mats LINDSTROM, President of Ducati Japan, Dear Ducatisti in Japan, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sabina and I, together with the team of the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, are very enthusiastic about having you all here! Benvenuti!

It is especially a great pleasure to have Pecco BAGNAIA and Jack MILLER, the two Ducati Lenovo Team pilots, with us tonight. We all are big fans of yours!

Tonight is indeed a special night. Last week, in Aragón (Spain), the Ducati Lenovo Racing Team won the 2022 Moto GP Team Title (Mondiale Costruttori). I want to congratulate Paolo and your whole team for achieving this great success!

By reaching this important goal, Ducati demonstrated – once more – the Italian character and determination.  Celebrating this victory here in Japan, home to the strong competitors in the Moto GP – as well as in the motorbike global market – gives the magnitude of your accomplishment.

We know that success does not come overnight.

Ducati has, in fact, a long history and tradition as one of the most widely recognized “Made in Italy” motor brands in the world. Over the years, the myth of Ducati has been fed by great sports results, iconic and futuristic design and roaring engines.

Today, when we think of Ducati, we imply cutting-edge technology, innovation and safety, all combined to make people experience the joy of speed at its best.

To us, Ducati is all this – and possibly more: it is a state of mind.

Being a Ducatista means being a member of an extraordinary community who is passionate about the Italian lifestyle and loves the touch of the wind while riding a Multistrada V4, a Monster or the iconic Scrambler.

As great supporters of the Ducati Corse Team, I call everyone to strongly and passionately support Pecco and Jack this weekend in Motegi and cheer all together for Ducati!

Let me conclude by saying one more thing to Paolo. Of course, I am not going to talk about the upcoming race: for us being superstitious is a serious family affair!

Let’s just say that, all of us are pleased and looking forward to hosting you again and again to celebrate other important successes of the Ducati Corse Team!

Enjoy the night. Forza Ducati!